What Do Mobile Homes Look Like Inside?

Chances are, you know approximately what the exterior of a manufactured home looks like. Manufactured homes are a popular source of housing today, and most people see them at least once in a while during times they are out and about. But have you ever wondered what today’s manufactured homes look like inside?

As we’ll show you in this article, mobile home interiors today are on par with almost anything you’ll find in site-built homes. You’ll find eye-catching architectural designs and features that will inspire you to create your ideal home life. 

So, if you’ve been wondering what a mobile home looks like inside, read on. Here are 21 mobile home interior pictures that show the kind of awesome looks you’ll find in today’s manufactured homes. Each illustrates key things to know about modern manufactured home design, and each also offers great ideas for how to decorate a manufactured home.

1. Homes of Merit C0683B

mobile home interior kitchen

Let’s start with the number one thing that many buyers want from a home: great kitchens. The kitchen you’ll see above in the Homes of Merit C0683B is a great example of how today’s manufactured home kitchens look. This kitchen features Shaker cabinets, an island counter, attractive light fixtures, granite and wood countertops, and modern stainless steel appliances. (It even features a double refrigerator!) A wide variety of manufactured home models are available with some or all of these features, making manufactured homes one of the best ways to get an outstanding kitchen for an affordable price. 

2. Redman Homes New Moon A-46029

mobile home kitchen

Some homeowners like their kitchen island counters to be just big enough for a little extra counter space—and some like to make them a centerpiece of the kitchen. The New Moon’s kitchen is one of the latter, with a dual-level countertop that features a breakfast bar for anytime dining and a functional kitchen worktop that includes a dual sink. The kitchen’s floor plan uses an offset design that helps it flow smoothly around the island counter, and like most manufactured home kitchens, it features tons of cabinet space for all of your storage needs.

3. Dutch Housing Dutch 3264-01 – Belle Vue

mobile home interior kitchen dining area

Now, let’s talk about dining rooms. In many manufactured home models, the dining room and kitchen (and sometimes the living room) are integrated into a single large space—the “open concept” floor plan that you might have heard of. The Belle Vue is a great example of how good this style can look. With a window perfectly placed to provide elegant and invigorating lighting, this dining room captures the open-air feel of European homes and demonstrates the power of the open floor plan. 

4. Redman Homes Creekside Manor 4603D

mobile home interior dining room

In the example of the Redman Homes Creekside Manor, you’ll see another take on the manufactured home dining room that’s closer to the traditional formal dining room. Although it’s still part of the kitchen, this dining room features a walk-out bay window that gives the room its own character and increases the amount of space available for family dining. A tray ceiling provides a perfect spot for hanging your choice of light fixture to complement the room.

5. Champion Homes Memphis TE3276T

mobile home interior living room

What about living rooms? The expansive Champion Homes Memphis TE3276T will answer that question for you. This home is built to conjure up the amazing vistas of the American Great Plains and Southwest through its clean-lined, ranch-style design. You’ll find some other commonly available manufactured home features in this photo, including sleek recessed lighting and tray ceilings that help give the room an airy feel. Wood laminate is also a popular manufactured home flooring choice thanks to its great looks and low-maintenance durability. 

6. Champion Homes Innovation HE 3272

mobile home interior living room with fireplace

The Champion Homes Innovation HE 3272 has another elegant manufactured home living room that features wood beam accents built into its tray ceiling. A stone fireplace gives the room its centerpiece and provides a great spot for family gatherings. Finally, the contrast between neutral and earth-toned walls creates a pleasant sense of visual interest and gives some extra pop to the color palette of the furniture and decorations. These are the kinds of fresh yet old-school touches that are present in the current practices of manufactured home design. 

7. Titan Homes Titan 828

manufactured home interior living area

The Titan 828 has a gorgeous traditional living room with an attractive vaulted ceiling and plenty of space for good times. Its centerpiece, however, is the optional built-in entertainment center. This large and handsome entertainment center is typical of the high-quality built-ins that you’ll find in many of today’s manufactured homes. It’s equipped with numerous shelves for electronics, media, books and more, and its sliding barn doors help protect sensitive electronics like TVs. If you cherish your home entertainment system, a built-in entertainment center is a great investment for your manufactured home. 

8. Champion Homes Avalanche 7694B

manufactured home interior living room walkthrough

Many big manufactured homes, such as the Champion Homes Avalanche 7694B, have multiple separate living spaces. Here, you’ll see the Avalanche’s family room, which is separate from the living room and is ideally suited to enjoying favorite movies, TV shows or sports together. The family room, living room, media room, den, flex room or bonus room are all common names for these extra spaces that can accommodate a wide variety of activities and furnishings. 

9. Fortune Homes Gold Star 3264 215

mobile home office interior

If you’re one of the millions of Americans who work from home, or you have a hobby that needs desk space like writing or music production, you’ll love the outstanding home offices that many manufactured homes come with. In the Fortune Homes Gold Star 3264 215, you’ll see a large built-in desk with extensive built-in cabinetry for easy storage where you need it most. If you don’t see a home office available in your preferred model of manufactured home, check with the builder. They may offer an option to add one. 

10. Redman Homes New Moon A-46026

mobile home interior closet mud room area

A mudroom/laundry room is another feature that many manufactured homebuyers want. These rooms help keep the house clean and organized by providing a space to remove dirty garments and/or do laundry. This New Moon model features a spacious mudroom with optional washer and dryer, and it even offers the option to add the set of gorgeous wooden built-in lockers pictured above. (With the efficiency typical of a manufactured home, this room is also the utility closet that holds the furnace and water heater.)

11. Silvercrest Kingsbrook 66

mobile home interior master bedroom

Most homebuyers want their bedroom to be the most comfortable and calming space in the house, and manufactured home bedrooms like those in the Kingsbrook 66 deliver the serenity you need. Ceilings are high (and even higher with the optional tray ceiling) to provide comfortable air circulation, and high transom windows provide just the right amount of light. Like bedrooms in site-built homes, mobile home bedrooms typically come painted in cool, calming colors like white and blue (although you can always paint your mobile home walls if you want a new color).  

12. Champion Homes Mountain West 4663M

manufactured home interior bedroom

The Champion Homes Mountain West gives us another stunning interior picture of a manufactured home bedroom, decorated in a more colorful and vivid style than the previous example. While red and purple aren’t among the most common bedroom colors, the deep richness of the specific shades in use here makes them feel intimate and inviting. The “accent wall” here uses a gray-green color to offset the brightness of the red and purple and transforms these assertive shades into the perfect complements to a well-composed room. Finally, don’t forget the power of a little bit of vegetation, whether real or imitation. 

13. Atlantic Homes Essentials A26804

interior view of a mobile home walk-in closet

Master suites with generously sized walk-in closets are another hallmark of new manufactured homes. This Essentials model features an enormous walk-in directly off the master bath that even has shoe storage built into its swinging doors. If you need room for a big wardrobe, manufactured homes are second to none when it comes to the amount of closet space you’ll get for your dollar. 

14. Champion Homes Titan Extreme 3272CCS

mobile home master bathroom shower view

The quality of bathrooms available in contemporary manufactured homes like the Champion Homes Titan Extreme is frankly jaw-dropping. Yes, that’s a tiled walk-in shower, plus dual sinks, abundant cabinet space, and a full-sized mirror. (If you like these features now, imagine how you’ll feel about them when you get home from a long day at work.) In many modern manufactured homes, the master bathroom is available with many different customizable options, including soaker tubs and spa-style showers.

15. Champion Homes Innovation HE 0001

manufactured home master bathtub

You’ll often find that manufactured homes like the Champion Homes Innovation HE 0001 offer features to rival even the most luxurious site-built homes–like the above-sized soaker tub with tile backsplash and even decorative columns. Many of these tubs offer whirlpool or Jacuzzi options, which can be just the thing to soothe you when you’re tired or stressed. Much like home offices, if you can’t find a plan you like with all of your must-have luxury bathroom fixtures, be sure to ask your builder. Some offer the option to customize bathroom fixtures beyond the standard options.

16. Fortune Homes Barclay BC6413

Extra room for storage and changing

Built-in cabinets are also common in manufactured home bathrooms. The optional built-ins in the Barclay create a convenient space for towels, toiletries and other bathroom necessities. In turn, this helps your bathroom feel less cluttered and simplifies your life. The owner of the home above has also taken the opportunity to make their space stand out through bold and eye-catching use of color.

17. Athens Park Model RVs Royal 1531

It’s also important to know how different mobile home sizes affect what a mobile home looks like inside. We’ll start by looking at the smallest type of mobile home, a park model RV. These ultra-compact homes are typically 600 square feet or less and are built as fully-equipped movable vacation homes. Many models (like the Royal 1531) include an optional loft overlooking the living room that can be used for storage or as an extra bedroom.

18. Atlantic Homes Park Model 553L

Lest you think that a park model mobile home requires you to give up your favorite kitchen comforts, rest assured that it doesn’t. Park model kitchens like the one in the 553L include features such as Shaker cabinets, stainless steel appliances, apron sinks, tile backsplashes, abundant counter space and a breakfast bar. Even when you’re living economically, you’ll still be able to cook like royalty. 

19. Homes of Merit Amelia – H4483A

Here’s a shot from inside a typical double wide mobile home, the Homes of Merit Amelia. You’ll notice the abundant space that this design offers and the open concept floor plan that often accompanies double wide and multi-section mobile homes. A divide between carpet and tile creates a sense of just enough separation between the living and dining areas, and wood accents in the molding and wainscoting bring the home to life. 

20. Champion Homes Commonwealth 211

In this image of the Commonwealth 211, you’ll see another attractive double wide mobile home with features that combine the rustic and contemporary. While it’s outfitted with farmhouse-style decor here, this space could easily be transformed into something more minimal and urban. Plus, you can see for yourself how this type of country decor looks current and fresh when executed with the clean lines and uncluttered staging on display here. 

21. Champion Homes Avalanche 7694B

What about multi-wides, the jumbo-sized manufactured homes larger than double wides? Here’s another shot from the Avalanche, one of our largest home models, which demonstrates just how much space these homes offer. This home is nearly 70 feet long and 40 feet wide, making it an ideal choice for folks who need a lot of elbow room. It features four large bedrooms, plus a family room and a bonus room. 

Want to delve deeper into the secrets of touching up the inside of a mobile home? You’ll find tons of helpful tips in our mobile home decorating guide. Have you decided that a manufactured home is the right choice for you? Check out our complete guide to customized mobile homes to learn the essential things to look for when choosing a model.

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