The 8 Most Scenic States for Manufactured Home Living

It’s no secret that manufactured homes can sit next to some of the most beautiful, scenic views out there. Whether you’re a mobile home owner living on the Atlantic coast or want to live among the mountains, prospective homebuyers looking for a view can find the right manufactured home for them anywhere in the U.S.


If a waterfront manufactured or mobile home community in Florida sounds like your thing, there are a number of communities in Florida that offer gated security, age-restricted communities, and access to Florida’s top resorts and theme parks, all with the palm trees and sunshine that the state is known for. Water or no water, Florida will have the right manufactured home for you.

It goes without saying that Florida offers amazing waterfront views and living communities – just take a look at the image above. With lakes aplenty and miles of Atlantic Ocean coastline, the perfect manufactured home on the water is waiting for you. For those who love the water, but don’t have an affinity for the ocean, a number of manufactured home communities offer lakefront lots or well-maintained pools perfect for the warm Florida weather.


The Boulder State has so much to offer its manufactured home residents. For those living in population centers like Denver or Aspen, access to key shopping areas amidst the backdrop of a mountaintop view can make any manufactured home a prime location in Colorado. 

Or, for the more adventurous manufactured home owner, Colorado is home to some of the most breathtaking national parks the country has to offer. Rocky Mountain National Park, arguably the most famous of Colorado’s parks, encompasses over 400 square miles of mountains and wildlife for any hiker, nature enthusiast, or backpacker in the state. 

No matter your level of hiking experience, Colorado should be at the top of every manufactured home owner’s list for its breathtaking scenery.


Just kitty-corner from Colorado is Arizona, which offers a warmer environment for any manufactured homeowner. We’d be remiss to include Arizona on this list without highlighting the Grand Canyon, one of the country’s most notable natural wonders. A number of mobile homes and manufactured homes near the Canyon offer unrivaled proximity to the National Park that hosts the canyon, including communities in Flagstaff and Sedona.

Arizona’s dry summers mean the state may not be for every manufactured homeowner, but there are a number of communities with senior living accommodations and poolside amenities to help beat the heat, too. 


There’s a reason Michigan is known as the Great Lakes state. Finding a lakeside manufactured home in Michigan is about as easy as can be, and many manufactured home communities in Michigan even have their own lake for the perfect sunrise view. If a smaller lakeside view isn’t your thing (though it’s hard to imagine that it wouldn’t be), there are many manufactured homes and mobile homes along the Great Lakes that border Michigan, perfect for boating or visiting one of the state’s many beaches. 

Of course, lakes aren’t the only thing that Michigan is known for. You can find a manufactured home or mobile home community near popular sights in Michigan like the Silver Sand Dunes just north of Muskegon, or in popular Northern Michigan getaways like Traverse City or Petoskey. 


From the palm trees to the top of the Northern California mountains, the Golden State has the right view for almost any manufactured homeowner. The Gold Rush days may be gone, but the right manufactured home or mobile home park in San Francisco or Los Angeles can offer up homes right next to palm trees and stunningly blue water.

Or, if the hustle and bustle of city life isn’t your style, a number of manufactured homes further north offer beautiful forest views. Manufactured homes and mobile parks in Redding, for instance, sit right at the base of several national parks and forests, including the Shasta Trinity National Forest. For the hiking and nature enthusiasts, these homes can’t be beat. 

You may even be California dreamin’ over that oceanside manufactured home you’ve always wanted. San Diego is one of the most popular cities in California for manufactured homes, and its proximity to the bay is a big reason why. MHVillage makes it easier than ever to look for a manufactured home or mobile home community in California with the right amenities for you that make those sweet views even sweeter. 


Situated right near the top of the Appalachian mountains that span across the East Coast, it’s surprisingly easy to find the perfect mobile home in Pennsylvania right by the mountainscape. Mobile homes in Somerset don’t lay far from Mt. Davis, one of Pennsylvania’s largest mountains.

Manufactured homes near the mountains are also primely located near some of the nation’s best ski resorts, such as homes in Gettysburg near The Lodges.

If mountains aren’t your taste, or if you’re just afraid of heights, there are a number of national parks in the state near manufactured home communities. For instance, there are a number of manufactured homes and mobile home parks near Chesapeake Bay, North America’s largest estuary with miles of beaches to enjoy during the summer. Or, you can opt for the perfect mobile home near the Potomac River.

No matter what, Pennsylvania offers some of the most variety out of all of the states on this list that make the state perfect for any manufactured homeowner-to-be.   

New York

You don’t have to live in the Big Apple to live in a New York State of Mind. 

If you’re looking for a New York manufactured home with a view, look no further than cities like Saratoga Springs. Known famously as “the Queen of the Spas,” the city offers access to luscious mineral springs and a fab downtown shopping center. And, mobile homeowners can take advantage of prime nature views with lush forests and rivers that bring out the best of what upstate New York has to offer during any season. The beautiful landscapes in this part of the state can make it any manufactured homeowners stomping ground.

North Carolina

The Carolinas have seen a resurgence in tourist activity, largely in part due to their exquisite mountaintop views. For manufactured home owners looking for that perfect mountain view, North Carolina may be your destination. 

It’s not hard to find the perfect mobile or manufactured home in Asheville, for example, sitting right near the Blue Ridge mountains. If the snowcaps in Colorado are too frigid for your style, the North Carolina landscape provides a refreshing variety with the lush greens of the state’s natural foliage. And, North Carolina is home to amazing beaches, such as Topsail Beach and the Outer Banks, that are perfect for swimming, surfing, or a relaxing stroll along the sand.

For something a bit more quaint, a manufactured home near Highland may be for you. An upscale downtown with shops and good eats isn’t far off, nor are the Dry Falls, a popular waterfall attraction just a few minutes from town. 

Which State is Best For Manufactured Homeowners? 

In today’s manufactured housing market, you don’t have to move mountains financially to get that perfect mobile home with a view. Every state on this list has something for everyone to enjoy, whether it’s a warm oceanside view in Florida or one of the majestic mountains in the Carolinas. Looking to buy a manufactured home in a scenic locale? MHVillage has the largest selection of new and pre-owned manufactured homes and communities, with the resources to help you find your dream home in your dream landscape. And, these tips on the average cost of a manufactured home can help you get started on planning your home buying journey – with any luck, there’ll be a beach involved, too.

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